The recipe for your success must ultimately be owned and powered by you. The role of Recruitment Training Group is to work with you to understand and define your vision, and establish the training tools needed to deliver a consistent outcome.We focus on the three key drivers of your recruitment training success:

At Recruitment Training Group, there is a strong belief that to achieve genuine, sustainable success, our solution must be built on a thorough understanding of your vision. This is not a ‘quick fix’, it is a journey of ongoing investment and growth. And we’re there for as long as it takes to empower you to achieve your goals.

Our approach

Clarify and define the business vision, identify competencies, discuss training needs and personal development opportunities.

Meticulous understanding of the practices, processes, culture and environment, so important factors influencing success and failure can be identified and managed.

In-depth review of the findings including Skills Gap and Training Needs Analysis to define and quantify the training objectives and parameters for success.

Development of a bespoke training program based on a modular approach, to cover the breadth of your training needs in a flexible and scalable format.

Pre-launch presentation to all key stakeholders to ensure total clarity, including implementation of a program to ensure full ownership and empowerment.

With a clear understanding of the issues and requirements, clear development objectives, a scalable trainning program and full understanding and buy-in, the scheme is launched into the organisation and implemented over the agreed timescale.

Through ongoing ROI review and development, including further specific induction and leader training modules, the program is continuously improved and future-proofed to deliver sustainable success.


Help define your vision for growth and align recruitment and training strategies.


Bespoke training & development programs that are consistent and results focused.


Ongoing senior management mentoring and coaching strategy.