Desk resilience in a crisis

Have you got the time?

Time management, planning and workload prioritisation are the cornerstones of any good recruiter’s process, however it is always the last part of the job that Recruiter’s focus on.
Having a good infrastructure means that you can be much more productive, proactive and successful as a result.

Building the infrastructure is easy but it does require you to spend a little bit of time away from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine to put it together properly

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Building a bullet proof relationship with your clients

Here are my tips to creating a bulletproof client relationship:

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Cold calling is killing me!

It’s a well known fact that cold calling is one of the lesser liked activities of today’s recruiter…. It begs the question, should we even be making cold calls in this era? Are clients receptive to it, or put off by it?

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Induction – smuction!

Are we setting our trainees up for a fall? As I write this article I think back to my first ever job in recruitment – Small boutique company with 20 staff, ruled with an iron fist by the Managing Director who’s idea of an induction was to take your chair away until you had billed your first Client (also copious amounts of yelling and hair pulling – his not mine – during the first couple of months if you failed to do something that he had obviously explained in great detail using a process of osmosis/telepathy/language only audible to dogs as I swear to this day I never heard him utter a word of coaching to me).

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Top Tips for Business Development Planning

My top tips for business development planning.

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Controlling the uncontrollable

We cant control time – But we can control what we do within that time…

Time management is one of the key topics that I deal with for my Clients – How do we squeeze everything into one day? Administration, candidate process follow up, Client process follow up, research and market intelligence, social media, business development calls, business development admin and research, candidate sourcing, candidate calls – The list goes on!

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Destination unknown

I have recently spent a day with a client focusing on new business calls. What struck me time and time again was the lack of planning before the recruiter picked up the phone to a potential client.

What then subsequently happened was that the recruiter was unprepared for the call, and because his only objective was to ‘get some jobs in’ this resulted in a failed call where the recruiter spoke too much, didn’t ask enough questions, sold his services too soon, didn’t listen to the client, didn’t know how to deal with the objections that he was receiving and was left stranded when he couldn’t then decide what he was trying to achieve or how to close the call.

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Refer a friend? No thanks!

I have to say, I love the phrase ‘A War for Talent’…. and let’s face it, the phrase hits the nail squarely on the head doesn’t it?. With thousands of recruiters all fighting over the same top talent it’s essential to broaden your talent sourcing streams now more than ever before.

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Top recruitment sectors for growth in 2017

It’s here again, our popular annual blog that looks into the future and predicts the recruitment sectors that are geared for high growth in 2017.

2016 has seen some dramatic changes in the World. The UK voting for Brexit and the US voting for Donald Trump have seen a huge shift towards populist voting and a rejection of the establishment and globalisation. With general election in France, Netherlands and Germany in 2017 its difficult to predict what the future will hold.

So against this background this years predictions have been particularly fraught with challenge and some might even say they are courageous.

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Are you overpaying consultants and impacting profitability and growth?

Growing your business will probably require you to make significant investment. This can mean borrowing money or sacrificing dividends, which may not be easy and may not be the right thing to do if you do not have the right operating model.

One key discussions for us with clients is do they operate their existing business with the right proportions of:

  • Consultant earnings (salary/benefits/commission)
  • General business costs/overheads
  • Surplus (profit/ directors dividend)
  • Cost of finance

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