Have you got the time?

Time management, planning and workload prioritisation are the cornerstones of any good recruiter’s process, however it is always the last part of the job that Recruiter’s focus on.
Having a good infrastructure means that you can be much more productive, proactive and successful as a result.

Building the infrastructure is easy but it does require you to spend a little bit of time away from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine to put it together properly

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Controlling the uncontrollable

We cant control time – But we can control what we do within that time…

Time management is one of the key topics that I deal with for my Clients – How do we squeeze everything into one day? Administration, candidate process follow up, Client process follow up, research and market intelligence, social media, business development calls, business development admin and research, candidate sourcing, candidate calls – The list goes on!

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