We cant control time – But we can control what we do within that time…

Time management is one of the key topics that I deal with for my Clients – How do we squeeze everything into one day? Administration, candidate process follow up, Client process follow up, research and market intelligence, social media, business development calls, business development admin and research, candidate sourcing, candidate calls – The list goes on!
Here are my top tips for managing your time more effectively:

  1. Plan the night before – This is a crucial stage of time management – Almost all of the top billers that I have trained stick to this rule religiously. Not only does it mean that you can get on with your day immediately when you get in, but it will also help you to compartmentalise each day, before you go home, leaving you less stressed in the long run.
  2. Prioritize your Workload – Firstly write a list of all of your ‘to do’ tasks for the day ahead. Then number your tasks in order of priority – 1 = Most important and urgent through to 25 = Not very important and not urgent. This will then give you a list, in order of priority, for you to then start to build into your diary for the day.
  3. Prioritize your Vacancies – Do the same as above but with your live vacancies. If you have 10 live vacancies to resource for, select the hottest 4 jobs and then block times out of your day to focus on sourcing for these roles. If you have similar roles then it is easier to source for all of these roles simultaneously. Once you have done this you can then block additional times out in your day for admin/social media/candidate or client follow ups etc
  4. Don’t Fire-fight – Be ready to be flexible with your day plan. Most recruiters will jump on the next task to hit their phone or email and this leads to a reactive recruiter. When an unexpected ‘task’ comes in, compare it to what you are working on at that time. If it is more important/urgent then action it but come straight back to your plan. If it is less important/urgent add it to a separate ‘to do’ list on your day plan to be actioned during an ‘admin session’
  5. Be Determined – Day planning isn’t easy! Essentially you are changing a habit and this can feel uncomfortable and will take time. Give your new plan 2 weeks of complete dedication and then review what has worked and what hasn’t.

I have known recruiters who have streamlined their day management and have subsequently retrieved an extra 2 hours in their day! Good luck!